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Attention clubs and organizations!!!  Are you looking for a new and exciting fund raising opportunity?  If so, read on to see how the "Beyond Reality" theatrical fund raiser can make your group thousands of dollars in a single night!

Why a magic show?
Magic is the oldest performing art, and has endured the test of time.  It is the number one form of family entertainment.  No singer, dancer, actor or comedian can hold the attention of a family audience like a world class magician.  It was true in Houdini's day and it is true today.  Every major resort area features large scale magic productions, and these shows make millions.  Now, your club or organization can cash in on the popularity of these shows and make the money you need in one fun filled, exciting evening!

Sample Beyond Reality Poster

Benefits Of A Theatrical Fund Raiser
Beyond Reality is enormously popular as a fund raiser and the reasons are obvious:
1)  Earning potential for your club, group or organization- Beyond Reality is booked directly between your organization and the artists themselves.  There are no agents or producers.  Simply put, there is no middle man to take your money.  This means that more money goes to your group.
2)  Providing A Great Product-  Who wouldn't love an evening of live, world class family entertainment at a reasonable price while supporting a local worth while cause?  The answer...Nobody!  Beyond Reality is always a huge hit with most shows becoming an annual event!  Your patrons will actually come to you asking when they can buy tickets for next years show!
3)  A Non Competitive Fund Raiser-  The Beyond Reality theatrical fund raiser is so popular because it can be run in conjunction with other fund raisers you may already have in effect and it won't compete with any of them!  History has proven that people will support candy sales, hoagie sales, bake sales, car washes and other fund raisers and still attend a family production show.  The reason is that with the Beyond Reality show, people don't feel that they are being sold anything.  They want the chance to witness something new and exciting!  To see something they would normally have to travel to New York or Las Vegas to experience.  When the Beyond Reality show comes to town, it is usually big news as these sample full page news stories show! 

Call or e-mail us today to find out just how easy it can be to raise the funds your club or organization needs.
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